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RSS Feeds for Journals

The Ulrich’s International Periodicals Directory gives you the option of searching for journals that offer RSS feeds. Select Advanced Search – then check the RSS Available option.

Introduction to RSS and RSS Readers

What is RSS?

RSS stands for “Really Simple Syndication” and is used to syndicate content from a web site or web blog.

How does this help me?

Monitoring RSS feeds will…

  • Tell you what is new on your favorite web site
  • Allow you to keep up with the latest developments in your area of study
  • Keep you informed of new articles by select scholarly publishers
  • Keep you up to date with local and international news
  • Save you time!

How do I read RSS feeds?

RSS feeds are read with an application called an RSS reader. Although you can download and install stand-alone software as your RSS reader, you may wish to first try a free, simple to use, web based reader called Bloglines. Click the “Click Here To Sign Up!” link in the centre of the page to register your free account. If you have a Yahoo! or Gmail account, you already have an RSS reader.

Where can I find RSS feeds?

Although not every web site has an RSS feed, more and more feeds are coming online every day. Look for Orange RSS or XML buttons (as found at the bottom of this page) on your favorite web site. In addition, RSS feeds are sometimes labeled “Get Headlines” or “Syndicated Content”. Usually clicking on these links will take you to the feed itself or some instructions on how to subscribe to the feed. A number of RSS directories list available feeds. A few to try:

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