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Nobel-Winning Alumna Remembers the Library

Posted by UCSB Library on October 23, 2009

UCSB Alumna Carol W. Greider

UCSB Alumna Carol W. Greider

UCSB Assistant University Librarian Brian Mathews recently interviewed the UCSB community’s newest Nobel Prize winner.

Twenty-six years ago, Carol W. Greider was a regular visitor at the UCSB Library, often spending three or four hours a day here studying, including weekends. “The UCSB Library was very welcoming. It was a great place to sit, study, and think,” she reminisced. “While the library has many great resources, it was more than just a place to get books or articles, it was a place to hang out.” She recalled many evenings when the building was packed with students all working on assignments and how it was “a very encouraging atmosphere.”

When asked about the influence that UCSB had on her career she commented that it was a “defining point” for her. She praised the College of Creative Studies for enabling her to start working in a lab right away during her freshman year. “It was at UCSB that I first became interested in biochemistry. I was able to structure my own curriculum, explore different subjects, and find out what I really liked,” Greider said. She was particularly drawn to the type of problem-solving used in biochemistry and, after experiencing success in this area, was encouraged to pursue graduate school.

This Nobel Laureate didn’t dream of being a scientist. “I didn’t grow up with chemistry sets or science kits as a kid,” Greider said. Her father encouraged her to “do what you love” and that passion for biology was shaped during her years at UCSB. “I found the type of work environment that I not only thrived in, but really enjoyed,” she said. When asked what advice she would pass along to other UCSB undergraduates, she replied, “Feed your curiosity. Find the type of work you enjoy doing and then follow that path.”

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5 Responses to “Nobel-Winning Alumna Remembers the Library”

  1. Anonymous said

    I enjoyed this

  2. anonymous said

    I didn’t.

  3. Another Anonymous said

    Second anonymous–
    I did.
    I love this library!

  4. anomynous said

    i enjoyed this so much that I dislike it now

  5. It’s nice to see you ended up doing what you are passionate about.

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