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Where’s Your Favorite Place to Study in the Library?

Posted by UCSB Libraries on May 29, 2009

We have a variety of study spaces in the library for different study preferences.

Tell us your favorite spot and why!


9 Responses to “Where’s Your Favorite Place to Study in the Library?”

  1. Reyna Machado said

    the government center

  2. Ireesh said

    the seventh floor, at the tables looking toward the San Ynez mountains

  3. DP said

    4th floor with the chichas

  4. Mohanico said

    Anywhere with a power outlet!

  5. Mochi said

    8th floor looking out at the ocean and the islands

  6. Karen said

    I like the first and 2nd floors.
    There are so many people working hard
    on the computers.
    Even if I am by myself,
    I am not alone.
    It feels good to be around people

  7. Adrian said

    I personally like the 8th floor because it’s the only place where I can concentrate and get work done.

  8. Gaucho 5 said

    4th floor looking out over the balconies

  9. Anonymous said

    4th floor if I need my laptop; 8th floor if i just need to read.

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