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Recyclemania in the Library

Posted by UCSB Library on March 10, 2009

Is Recycling available in the library?
Yes, of course it is!

For paper – notebook and copier/printer paper:
Look for the tall, metal bins labelled RECYCLE that can be found in various locations on all floors of the library.

For bottles and cans:
Look for the tall green hexagonal plastic bins with white lids and a triangle on the front. These are on all floors near the elevators and in the 24-Hour Room.

Look for the small black bins on the first floor near the east entrance. This is where you can drop off batteries, cell phones, DVD’s, ink cartridges, etc.

For newspapers and magazines:
Sorry, these need to be taken outside and placed in the AS Recycling bins. You can find them outside either of the library’s entrances.

Other trash?
Please place it in the open trash cans that are all around the library. It should stay out of the recycle bins. Commingled recycling isn’t available to us.

For additional information on AS Recycling’s Recyclemania page.


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