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Discussion on Globalization Issues (UCSB Reads)

Posted by UCSB Library on February 24, 2008

Share your opinions, thoughts, and questions about The Travels of a T-Shirt in the Global Economy or globalization issues in general.

Globalization is a topic found in every major news source. Many of the issues are strongly debated and highly controversial. We would like to use this discussion board to talk more about these issues as a community.

  • Does globalization foster or diminish cultural diversity?
  • How does globalization impact indigenous peoples?
  • Does globalization contribute to the elimination or preservation of the world’s languages?
  • How does globalization affect women?
  • Does globalization promote or hinder democracy?
  • Does globalization promote peace or war?
  • Is globalization harmful or beneficial to the environment?
  • Does outsourcing benefit or threaten American workers and the U.S. economy?

What do you think? We hope you’ll take part in the discussions, here and in community-wide events (check the Events Calendar for dates and times). For more information, visit the UCSB Reads site at


2 Responses to “Discussion on Globalization Issues (UCSB Reads)”

  1. Barbara Hirsch said

    “Travels with a T-shirt” is, for the most part, an enjoyable and interesting read. It helps us to learn about the sources of all our stuff, and to make us more informed global citizens. I only wish she had at least touched upon the environmental aspects of the farming, manufacturing and shipping industries, because, well…how can one not?!

  2. Hi,

    First, want to thank the Libary and other supporters of a shared-reading experience for our campus community.

    On the subject of globalization, since my study of oil (depletion) and energy issues, I’m convinced “globalization” will reverse itself. Whether this happens in time to allow the world’s people to take the remaining high-value energy sources and use them to transition to wind and/or solar, remains to be seen.

    Globalization might well continue paradoxically, as a way for companies to cut costs, as the recession, which has as its underlying cause a decrease in total energy supplies, continues to deepen.

    I’d like to recommend people visit the website of the “Energy Bulletin” and “The Oil Drum” forum for a more in-depth understanding.

    The only focus of “globalization studies” should be on how to quickly re-localize, with the minimum amount of suffering for the world’s people.

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