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Trying to do research from home?

Posted by UCSB Library on November 20, 2007

Understanding how the proxy server works can make it much easier. To begin your research, start with the library home page. Click on the “Off-Campus Log-In” link just under the picture.

Log in using your UCSBnet ID and password. For students this is the one you use for UMail (not the barcode number on your Access card). More information on IDs and passwords can be found at

Once you log in, continue your research by clicking on the links on the proxy server “success” page. As long as you continue to click on links, your computer will look as if it is off campus and you will have access to our research indexes and full-text journals. If you navigate away from your proxy session (by typing in a URL or using an unproxied bookmark) you will need to come back to the library home page and go through the “Off-Campus Log-In” link again to make it work again.

More information about off-campus access to library resources can be found at



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