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Connect from Off-Campus

Posted by UCSB Library on June 25, 2007

Many online resources available through the UCSB Library Web site are licensed by the university for off-campus use only by UC faculty, staff, and students.

1. The easiest way to use to connect from home is to click on the “Off-Campus Log-In” link on the library home page.
2. Enter your UCSBnetID and password to log in.
3. When you get to the “success” page, click on one of the links at left to start with your research.
4. As you continue to click through the links, you will notice that the proxy string ( is being added to the addresses of the pages you visit. This means that the proxy is working. As long as you continue to click through links, the proxy should work and you will have access to our resources from off campus.

If you like to use bookmarks, or start your research at a point other than the library home page, we recommend the Off-Campus bookmark tool. This tool allows you to log in to the proxy server at the point where you need proxy authentication. If you have not logged on during the current browser session, it will route you through the log-in page and then back to the previous page. For more information about this tool, go to


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