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April 2 deadline for resetting UCSBnetID passwords

Posted by UCSB Library on March 27, 2007

April 2 is the deadline for resetting your UCSBnetID password in the UCSB Directory. If you have not reset your password by this date, your account will locked out until you do so.

If you use the library proxy server, the VPN, or the wireless network in the library, you will be affected by this campus-wide password reset requirement because these services use the UCSB Directory for authenticating users. An explanation of why the campus is requiring this change can be found at Please note that the library does not manage the university directory and that we are unable to help you with your password reset.

Students were notified by the campus through an e-mail to their UMail accounts. If you are a student and did not change your password when notified, you will need to go to the UMail web site and use the “Identity” link to change your password.

University employees were notified through their departments. By now, every employee should have received instructions on how to change their passwords.

On some occasions, people have reported problems logging into the proxy server after resetting their passwords. If this happens, we recommend that you empty the cache in your browser and see if that fixes the problem. You will also want to reset the password in any ID/password management tools you may have on your machine.


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