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UCSB Reads for Earth Day

Posted by UCSB Libraries on January 30, 2007

Field Notes from a CatastropheUCSB Reads for Earth Day is a campus and community-wide effort, co-sponsored by the UCSB Office of the Vice Chancellor, the UCSB Libraries, Patagonia, and the Santa Barbara Public Library System. The entire campus and the community is being encouraged to read the same book on an environmental issue.

The theme for this year’s READS is global warming and we are thrilled to announce that the book chosen for discussion is Field Notes From a Catastrophe by Elizabeth Kolbert. Please join us for our first annual Reads program kick-off on January 24, 2007 at the Davidson Library. Faculty and students in various disciplines will be exploring the issues and topics covered in Kolbert’s book. We will be giving away copies of the book to UCSB students and you can, of course, check one out at the UCSB Libraries, or buy your own copy at the UCSB Bookstore, which will discount the price after the kickoff.

Leading up to Earth Day, April 22, 2007, a variety of lectures, panel discussions, and workshops related to the book and to global warming will be held throughout the community. Check out our UCSB Reads for Earth Day site for a complete schedule of events.


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