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Web Accelerators and Library Resources Do Not Mix

Posted by UCSB Libraries on January 4, 2007

Web accelerators are applications that use various techniques to make web pages load faster or to download links, images, or files more quickly. Google Web Accelerator and the Firefox DownThemAll! are some commonly used products. Unfortunately, this technique causes problems with library electronic resources:
1) The site you want may read your IP address as the outside server address, not the UCSB address, so you won’t be able to get in.
2) The downloading of all linked pages may trigger detectors of “excessive downloading”, which violates UCSB’s contract with the vendor, and causes the vendor to shut down our access.

So, if you use a web accelerator, be sure to turn it off before trying to visit your favorite database, ejournal, electronic book, or other Library electronic resource!


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