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New Library Tutorial

Posted by UCSB Libraries on December 19, 2006

Searchpath is a self-instructional tutorial to teach UCSB students basic library and research skills. It covers the research process from initial topic selection to citation styles and the issue of plagiarism. Each of the six modules takes about 15 minutes and is followed by a short quiz. Students can print their results and turn them in to their instructor. A forthcoming upgrade will allow students to submit results electronically.

Does Searchpath Replace Library Instruction?
We hope not! We continue to offer library instruction and hope that you will incorporate a library session into your syllabus. Ask your students to complete Searchpath, then schedule a session with us for a date after they’ve received an assignment from you. The UCSB Libraries have two electronic classrooms which librarians use for computer demonstrations and hands-on training. These are heavily booked, so please schedule early to reserve the date and time you need—preferably at least 2 weeks ahead.

You can find our new tutorial here:

Tips for using this new service:

To arrange instruction or to learn more about our program, visit:


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